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Top Secret

If you are like me, some of you may recall an older game (from the 90s) originally published by Sierra PC, under the name B@ttledrome. The title fell into obscurity and Metaltech's bad boy was lost to the gaming world.

Enter EA Games and their vision to revise the robotic namesake, giving it new life in the competitive world of mobile gaming. B@ttledrome is a genre mash-up involving aesthetics ranging from Steampunk to Retro Futurism.


EA Games Presents Battledrome. A mobile game from the creator of Magic The Gathering.

We worked with the amazing up-and-coming director Brandon Dermer of Nekrogoblikon fame.
We worked with The Glitch Mob for the music.
We worked with Mark Villalobos at Monster Effects.
We shot at an LA junior high school with 50+ child actors.

Custom Typography

Custom Typography

Additional custom typographic treatments were created to represent each of the worlds within the realm of Battledrome. Represented here are compositions for the Steampunk/Industrial world.