Sapporo Igloofest 2015

Sponsored by Sapporo Legendary Biru, Igloofest is an annual outdoor music festival which takes place at the Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Canada. Focused around EDM and a millennial audience, Igloofest is composed of 4 thematic phases encouraging more engagement from attendees. This branded content campaign focused on After Dark - as a photographic style.

Loosely referencing the Japanese Samurai roots of Sapporo in the sense that the photographic product is polished, thoughtful, mysterious and unexpectedly layered - something new can always be found within the composition.

Photographic Elements

Photographic Elements

Depth of field, color tone, moody lighting (either high key lighting - where a distinct element is highlighted against a dark backdrop or a beautifully diffused afterglow - an effect that we see created from the collective light of a city or an area of a city) and focus, in this case from the first person perspective, to establish a distinctly Sapporo point of view. Our audience is selective with how they curate their life, including how they navigate a brand and their lifestyle. This visual style embodies a differently elevated point of view.