Honour Thy Lovers


Bespoke Armour

The armour atelier of HTL was first established in 2007 as a response to a demand for personal amulets of protection and talismans of restorative healing and empowerment for individuals who had suffered at the hand of various forms of abuse, transgression or self harm. Each piece is made to order, constructed lovingly by hand and built to fit each wearer's specific needs. Materials and cultural artifacts have been sourced and sought over many years and many travels — some precious, some not so "precious" — and are woven into the construction due to their energetic connection for the wearer. Often, as part of the therapeutic process, the experience or perceived source of the wearer's pain/joy is incorporated in some manner — regarding textural sensation, specific fit, material or weight — to transform the concept of a past transgression or memory into an emblem of beauty that can be held, reclaimed and owned with power, grace and intention.

True to the tenets of Honour Thy Lovers — which are "Honour Thee. Love Thyself."  — the greatest gift that you can give yourself or another is the time and tender patience of love. These pieces are meant to enhance and revere the most treasured qualities of oneself and bring them to the fore in the form of a physical presence or manifestation.

Since its humble beginnings, HTL has been featured in exhibitions and publications internationally — evolving into additional veins of expression, but nonetheless each piece stays the course of helping those who wear the armour to focus and visualize their beauty inward before solely trying to radiate it outward. 


Murals, Tattoos and Fine Art Collaboration

When designing images for mural work, illustrations for commissioned tattoos and collaborations in the realm of fine art, all vessels of creativity are philosophically tied into conceptual themes of talisman, energy and power — as interpreted through environment, relationships, memento and the unspoken.

As a strong believer in the impact and influence of environment, symbols, and transference on the psyche, I only take on projects for spaces and individuals expressing this purpose. This all sounds very serious, but the end result is often more akin to beautiful release than a weighted canon (promise). 

A diverse portfolio and qualification review can be sent upon request. All inquiries can be made through the booking consultation above.

NOTE: Please, out of respect, do not approach me to adopt or mimic the artistry or style of fellow artists in any commission requests.


Nuit de Resistance

Ritual. Memory. Home. This trinity defines the backbone of Nuit de Resistance.

Incorporating sensory triggers such as rhythmic auditory cues, scent diffusion, taste, texture, and visual stimuli created live — birthing an environment of subversive meditation through energetic feedback and interaction with space  — the (rotating) collaborators invite the broader consciousness of participants to create the platform for a visceral, talismanic healing session through immersive experience.

NDR, which has taken place in various iterations across North America within James’ mother exhibition Honour Thy Lovers, is an expansion upon an exploration of hunter-gatherer themes related to the matrilineal, richly folkloric tradition of pagan Filipino tribal culture and shamanistic practice. James’ rehabilitative wearable talismans, as well as works created on site — drawing from energies manifested during the experience, express the collision of contrasts that occur during cyclical birth/rebirth resulting from deconstruction/reconstruction of home and identity. Defined here, as the relationship between ancestral imprint and temporal identity within the womb of collective experience.

In transposing the sense of then and now, this work offers channels of healing and a sense of wonder in the creation of talisman through shared space. NDR is a direct reaction to the insular nature of traditional artistic presentation, which is too often confined to the apparatus of individual viewer meeting individual canvas. In offering varying levels of entry for engagement, we aim to express WITH our audience. In turn, co-creating a piece of relationship-based living art that the viewer can capture INTERNALLY and further articulate once personalized and marked with their own expression, relationship with the art and resulting future actions. As human beings, we cannot deny that our memories, experiences, and views, when altered, cannot be undone. The very act of being submerged in the present, is a mark on the spatial conversation itself.

Interested? Send me a message through the booking consultation above.

This project has been generously supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and Boxcar Social at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

Video installations featured at NDR Toronto:

Tarot Reading

I don't future-tell, but I do help create space to give yourself permission to see what you already know.

Engaging with you in longer form tarot (usually 10 card spreads, 5 on occasion), I encourage you to meditate on your questions. YES/NO questions do not apply...think more in the vein of HOW/WHAT/WHY etc.

Please note that due to respect for demand of time and unannounced cancellations, I now require a $50 USD booking fee.

To book an appointment, please send me your details and I'll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a meeting.


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