Ferrero Rocher: Beauty is in the Details

At a time where people are searching for authenticity in the technological machine that seems to be encroaching on our space, our relationships, our connections, we are collectively seeking intimacy.

This piece of emotive content focuses on illuminating the subtle, often overlooked details in life, such as warm gestures that color conversations with a friend who knows you well. And in doing so, expressing that the extraordinary can always be found in the seemingly ordinary.

By celebrating the 700 small epiphanies before the huge eureka moment - highlighting and embracing instances of happenstance that unexpectedly occur in life - we are reminded to take the beautiful details of life with gratitude.

Beauty is in the Details

Set to Marvin Gaye's 'Sunny', this piece is the story of a moment unwrapped – revealing the details of an informal gathering as it unfolds from three perspectives: the social, the setting, and the Ferrero Rocher (taste and ingredient aspect). The story closes with all three points of view culminating to a single shot of a Ferrero Rocher in-hand.

In collaboration with the always amazing team at The Herd Films. Set images and Ferrero Rocher detail photography by Grady Mitchell and Kane Hopkins.