Chivas Made For Gentlemen

Chivas Made for Gentlemen was borne out of a partnership with Savile Row Bespoke tailor, Patrick Grant, and Chivas Regal. Showcasing the likeminded craft and attention to detail that both brands offer to their audiences, Chivas' limited edition tin was shown amidst a series of sartorial selections, which the audience could customize according to their online information. 

This piece was launched in tandem with an short infographic film featuring the story of Patrick Grant and his alignment with the tenets of the Chivas brand.

Every Chivas Made for Gentleman limited edition collectible celebrates the time honored craftsmanship and sophisticated style of contemporary tailoring.

Bespoke Layouts

Bespoke Layouts

Each cover image was tailored specifically to the viewer's selection, complete with illustrations outlining relationship status, birthday or type of work.