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Ball Park Brand

The Ball Park brand reinvention and package design was a huge undertaking.

"Aiming to revive an iconic yet stagnant brand, Ball Park boldly went from selling hot dogs to families to selling guy food for guy time. Walking shoulder-to-shoulder with the shopper, aka guy's gal, the campaign dramatized the head scratching, yet somehow endearing, things men do during guy time.

And rather than trying to understand them, just feed them the bold, juicy delicious food they love and be on your way. The campaign ignited chatter and engagement on social media, drove PR, successfully launched new products, helped reclaim the #1 hot dog brand position and propelled sales above all competitors to win the grilling season triple crown: Memorial Day, 4th of July & Labor Day weekend."

Winner of a 2013 Silver Effie for Packaged Food

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